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A solemn but colourful mood characterised the prayer day held for the November 2019 Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) candidates on Friday, 1st November at the Siaya Institute of Technology (SIT) Belinda Gardens.

The event that was hosted by the SIT Chief Principal Mr J.W Okumu Odhiambo was presided over by Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro and Prof. Henry Etende Embeiywa, a renown motivational speaker and university don to provide spiritual nourishment to the candidates as they prepared to take their final leap.

The professor in his address to the students demystified the examinations preparation using rich biblical quotes coupled with demonstrations to unpack academic concepts “Careful understanding of examination rubrics as expressed in the language used, early preparation and confidence during examinations are recipes for success” he said “the boundaries you create define your authority and capability” which he reinforced with a popular biblical quote from 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Mr Okumu on the other hand likened the candidates’ situation to that of the biblical story of Gilgal urging the students to “rise up and take a hold of the victory ahead knowing that as God’s agents you have to yield  to him so that he may support your success…, you cannot expect the support of God when you carry a mwakenya to the exam room” to which the students reacted with an uproar of laughter.

The deputy Principal Academics and Student Affairs succinctly echoed Okumu’s sentiments in her remarks “myself and fellow porters have done our part, however the results largely depend on your efforts and what you do with the moulding we have done” said Ms Coletta. “as we pray let’s not ask God to do miracles by expecting distinctions where we did not work for them…” she added occasioning laughter from the crowd by singing a song “ ulichopanda… utavuna..” which loosely translates as you will reap what you sow, to inspire students to work hard and not expect miracles to happen through prayers.

Pastor Mokoro in her signature, soft but firm and humorous nature presented a sermon that was student “friendly” from time to time using real life experiences and typical student challenges which the learners related with ease. She echoed the sentiments of the previous speakers that “we are not praying for miracles but instead praying that God may help you to remember that which you have read” she said.

Prof. Embeiywa did not disappoint, the energetic don delivered rich content on how to tackle exams , the do’s and don’ts and motivated the students “our Principal, the Prof, trainers and the pastor have motivated us and we feel well prepared to take our exams and be successful”  Said Nicholas, a student Council member. Adding word of advice to the students “let us know that hot water can be used to harden eggs as well as soften potatoes”

The Dean of Students and convener of the event Ms Hellen Okoth implored upon the students to prepare ahead for the new year even as they prepare to take their exams. In his closing remarks the Principal thanked the staff for preparing the students well

“as you take the exams, I also ask you for forgiveness in areas where our academic staff may not have met your expectations” Okumu said.

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