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Open Day
Open Day


The Siaya Institute of Technology recently held its inaugural annual open day on March 6th at the institution’s grounds to educate its stakeholders on the institution’s products, activities and also showcase their innovations.

The event dubbed “Shaping Creativity and Innovation” was officiated by the Siaya County Commissioner Mr Michael Ole Tialal and attended by stakeholders and guests within the (Technical Vocational Education and Training) TVET industry. Among the guests were TVET County Director, TVETA Director in-charge of Competency Based Training (CBET), Principals of other TVET institutions and students from local secondary and primary schools.

In his address to the guests, Mr Tialal lauded the institution’s management for the ongoing infrastructural development projects and for the enhanced security system which he said was necessary for a safe learning and working environment for students and staff. “The first time I visited the institution, I was impressed by the guards who ensured that I positively identified myself and even signed out” said Mr Tialal.

The event began by a tour of the exhibitions by guests at the Siaya Institute grounds where different departments showcased their innovations “This is a display of high level skills that can be up scaled in the industry to make a significant impact, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on behalf of Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (KATTI) for continued commitment and enthusiasm in ensuring the production of technical manpower, which is the engine of national development”  Principal Ramogi Institute of Technology ( RIAT) and Secretary General Madam Maren said.

At hand to provide admission requirements and information was the SIT registry staff headed by the registrars and stakeholders from Kenya Schools and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCP), Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) among others institutions. The various departments of SIT showcased their innovations some of which were entered into the recently concluded TVET Fair held in Nyamira.

The Principal SIT thanked, the institution’s parent ministry, the Ministry of Education for supporting their growth towards achieving a desired position in the TVET industry through the provision of equipment and   financial support that has enabled it to invest in infrastructural development, on our part, the institution has made great efforts towards collaboration with the industry to ensure great exposure of our students during their industrial attachments” Mr Okumu restated.

Some of the exhibitions that attracted guests and potential students’ attention was the touch free water tap that was invented by the Applied Science department to improve hygiene hence reduce sanitation related diseases. “To dispense the water all one needs to do is step on the pedal on the ground” Mr Onyango explained”.  The Business department on the other hand created a bus management system designed to detect seat occupancy and send a signal to the transport manager thus ensuring effective cash collection and management. Agriculture department showcased value addition done on their produce that lead to improved products for better nutrition.

 “Our lecturers and students have been dedicated in their quest to complete these innovations, some of which are ready to be deployed to the market. Indeed, we appreciate the platform established through this Open day” Mr Okumu observed. Adding the innovations provided solutions to real life problems.

The Board chair expressed his confidence on behalf of the Board on management team for the milestones the institution had achieved  “ I’m very confident of the leadership of  Mr J.W Okumu together with his academic and non-academic teams that has steered the institution in the right process, and to particularly put together such a functional event that has been meticulously executed, keep this up” Mr Kawa said.

“This event is a springboard to more future creativity and innovations and we look forward to hosting you again in future” Mr Okumu added in his closing remarks.

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