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Drama and Music Festivals 2020

Trophy and CErtificates Award

The Music and Drama team that went to Friends School Kaimosi did us proud by coming back with a collection of trophies and certificates as a testimony of the hard work, determination and great skill mastery that was the defining trait of these gallant ladies and gentlemen. 

The event which attracted Institutions from all over Nyanza was a sight to behold as trainees came out in colourful regalias to woo the crowd and judges with song, skits and dance.

The Sports and Clubs Patron did a fine job of ensuring our Institute’s star shone bright at Kaimosi, managing to secure various slots for our Drama and music team at the National Drama Festivals scheduled to take place later this year in Mombasa.

This year’s festivals will focus around the following themes.

  • Enhancing access, retention, completion rates in TVET training institutions.
  • Address the negative perception of TVET courses and career paths.
  • Highlighting gender parity in TVET training and enrolment in programmes.
  •  TVET as a pathway to university.
  • Industry participation in the implementation of CBET programme.
  • The future of work – how the skills gained today will impact the future.

The main sponsors for this year’s festival is TVET Authority and Zizi Afrique Foundation.

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