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Peer Educators Workshop

St. Anne's Hotel, Bondo, Kenya.

Peer Educators Training

The S.I.T Peer Educators club is club formed under the Guidance and counselling Department,managed by Peer Educators leadership and able Peer Educators club Coordinator Mr.Jackim Nyalwal.
The Peer Educators club members attended a two day Training from 20th June to 22 June 2022 at St.Anne’s Bondo Hotel, where the Peer Educators club were trained on various topics by two seasoned facilitators Mr.Titus Obat and Dr.Jane Irine who covered five major areas;

  1. Role of Peer Educators,

      2. Drug abuse,

      3. HIV/AIDS ,

      4. Self Awareness,

     5. Mental Health and counselling,

During the two day Training the Peer Educators club members gained the skills on counselling skills and to be sound decision makers,The training will help the Peer Educators club members to reach out to their Peers in college who may be suffering in silence as a result of depression, drug abuse or any other social issues.

The Training will empower the Peer Educators members, to prepare a duty roster where they will be counselling their Peers and only refer technical issues to the Departmental Representatives Counsellors.

On my behalf of the Peer Educators club, I wish to express sincere gratitude to our able Senior Principal Mr. Daniel Randa for his continuous support, guidance and fatherly wise advices, and for granting the Peer Educators Club members and staff to attend a two day Training.

In addition, I also thank the Head of Guidance Madam Salome Luanga for her support to the Peer Educators club members and to our colleagues who accompanied us for the technical support rendered, lastly to the entire Peer Educators club leadership led by Chairperson, Joseph Odongo and the members for the cooperation, support and their contribution in making the Peer Educators club the most active and vibrant club in the college.

Thank you all and May God bless you all abundantly.

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