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Integrity Assurance Officers Training

At Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas, Naivasha

Strengthening Integrity

The purpose of the anti-corruption training that took place at the Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas in Naivasha from 12th to 16th December 2022 was to provide our Integrity Assurance Officers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively carry out their duties. The training covered a variety of topics, including:

The definitions and types of corruption.

The negative impacts of corruption on individuals, organizations, and societies.

The roles of Integrity Assurance Officers.

Fostering Integrity in Human Resource Management.

Fostering Integrity in Finance Management.

Fostering Integrity in Supply Chain Management.

The legal and ethical frameworks that govern anti-corruption efforts.

Strategies and techniques for detecting and preventing corruption.

Best practices for responding to and reporting instances of corruption.

Developing  and implementing robust Corruption Mitigation Strategies (CRA and CRM).

Participants in the training received a combination of lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises, which allowed them to apply their learning to real-world scenarios. The training also included guest lectures from experts in the field, who shared their insights and experiences with the group.

Overall, the anti-corruption training for integrity assurance officers at the Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas was a valuable learning experience that equipped participants with the knowledge and skills they need to promote integrity and combat corruption in their organizations.

It is hoped that the training will contribute to a culture of ethical behavior and trust within the institute.

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