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Kotlin Programming Training

Chief Principal approves training in

Android Programming

Yesterday, The Chief Principal gathered with the ICT Department and Section heads for a meeting with a team from the Africa Centre for Technology Studies (A.C.T.S). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a potential partnership that would see SIT trainees receive mentorship and training in Kotlin programming, specifically for Android development. The program was scheduled to begin in May and run to June of 2023, and would offer successful trainees empowerment, exciting opportunities for internship and even online jobs.

As the meeting began, The Chief Principal expressed his enthusiasm for the potential partnership, citing the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology and providing SIT trainees with the best possible education. He emphasized the need for a practical approach to learning, and the importance of giving trainees hands-on experience to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The team from A.C.T.S introduced themselves and provided an overview of their organization’s mission and values. They highlighted their commitment to empowering communities through technology, and their experience in providing mentorship and training to young people in various African countries.

The team then delved into the specifics of the proposed program, explaining that it would be a comprehensive training program in Kotlin programming, focused specifically on Android development. The program would consist of blended (online and in-person training) theoretical and practical components with heavy emphasis on practical aspect, with trainees receiving hands-on experience working on real-world projects. The team stressed the importance of practical experience, and the need for trainees to develop problem-solving skills in addition to technical knowledge.

The ICT Department and section heads were enthusiastic about the proposed program, noting the growing importance of mobile development in today’s technology landscape. They highlighted the potential for job opportunities in the field, both locally and internationally, and expressed their desire to provide SIT trainees with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing industry.

The team from ACTS then explained the various benefits of the program for successful trainees. In addition to the practical experience gained during the program, trainees would receive mentorship and guidance from experienced industry professionals. They would also be given opportunities for internships, where they would work on real-world projects and gain valuable industry experience. And for those who excel in the program, there would even be opportunities for online jobs with ACTS and other partner organizations.

The Chief Principal and the ICT heads were impressed with the potential opportunities for their trainees, and expressed their desire to move forward with the partnership. The team from ACTS provided further details on the program’s curriculum, noting that it would be designed to ensure that trainees received a well-rounded education in Kotlin programming.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of the logistics of the program, including the location of the training, timeline, cost, and number of trainees. The team from ACTS assured the SIT representatives that they would work closely with them to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the program.

In conclusion, the meeting between the Chief Principal, the ICT Department and section heads, and the team from the Africa Centre for Technology Studies was a resounding success. The proposed partnership would provide SIT trainees with an exciting opportunity to learn Kotlin programming, with a focus on practical experience and problem-solving skills. And for those who excel in the program, there would be opportunities for internships and online jobs, providing a pathway to success in this rapidly growing industry.

“It is clear that both S.I.T and A.C.T.S share a commitment to empowering young people through technology, and this partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and cooperation in achieving this goal”. The Chief Principal concluded.

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