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Admission Documents.

Documents containing admission requirements for new students.

Joining Instructions

The following documents contain joining requirements which prospective trainees/students are advised to read through and fill appropriately.

  1. Rules and Regulations (SIT/REG/IRR) – Download

      2. Rules and Regulations Declaration Form (SIT/REG/OOF/B) – Download

      3.  Medical Declaration Form (SIT/REG/OOF/A) – Download

      4. Medical Form (SIT/REG/MRF) – Download

      5. Data Capture Form (SIT/REG/TDC) – Download

      6. Fees Structure – Download


We have began admitting students for online classes and we have been sending admission documents via email to all prospective students who met the admission criteria.
Once you receive your admission letters, kindly fill the admission forms appropriately, as clearly as possible and as per the instructions in the individual forms, once you have filled them scan the forms in full color and your passport picture, birth certificate, national ID, KCSE
certificate, KCSE results slip, KCPE certificate and an original bank slip showing you have paid fees in part or in full.
Send all these attachments to this email ( indicating in the subject of the email your full name, admission number and course.
Once we receive them we shall proceed to enroll you for online classes scheduled to begin on 22nd September 2020.
You shall then be assigned an institute email address with its password and login details for an e-learning account which you shall use to access the online classes.
Once you receive the credentials you are advised to log in and change your password to keep your accounts safe.
The online classes shall continue even after the government gives the directive to reopen learning institutions and we shall continue to communicate with you on any changes.