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International Computer Driving Licence(ICDL), CISCO CCNA and Huawei HCNA Courses

Coming soon to Siaya Institute

The programme offers a varied range of modules - from computer essentials to computer aided design. A single module covers the background, usage and best practices for that topic, which is then assesed by a test.

Each module fits into one of three categories depending on skill level: Base, Intermediate and Advenced. These categories also represent the different proficiency, and from the basis of our recommended profiles.

The ICDL Programme arms you with digital skills necessary to use today's technology efficiently. It is not only for those pursuing a career in ICT, but rather it is for anybody looking to use and take advantage of technology to advance their careers. Technology today is about the effective use of computers, internet & social media platforms.

  • Digital Skills for Sales & Marketing - Sales proposal, customer corresondence(Letters & emails), & production of fliers
  • Digital Skills for Research - Research Products, markets, prices & competitors
  • Digital Skills for Operations & Report - Tracking & managing expenses, revenue, supplier & customer data
  • Digital Skills for Communication - Using social media platforms to create awareness & promote products


All Students, (New and Continuing) are instructed to report between 6th and 10th January 2020

Classes for all students will commence as from 8th January 2020

Instructions on Admission for New Students

  • Obtain the Offer of Admission Form from the Registrar's Office
  • Read the offer form carefully and comply with the requirements for admission
  • Fill the form on the appropriate areas
  • Come with the original form and its photocopy on the day of reporting
Click here to download Offer of Admission Form