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Millicent Awiti.

Secretary, Corruption Prevention Committee.


There is established a Corruption and Bribery Prevention Committee to handle all reported cases of bribery and corruption raised against any staff of the institute.

There is also established a Integrity Assurance Committee comprised of four Integrity Assurance Officers who are responsible for receiving all corruption reports from persons/groups of people and who then forward the accusation(s) to the Corruption Prevention Committee for investigation and speedy action.  

The Committees are governed by a Corruption and Bribery Prevention Policy, Procedures as well as a whistleblower policy to detect, assess, punish or prevent bribery and corruption.

Roles of Integrity Assurance Officers

  1. Receive corruption and/or bribery disclosure from individuals.
  2. Acknowledge receipt of the reported violation or suspected violation within 24
  3. Consider the disclosure and assess whether it falls within the scope of this Policy and determine whether:
    • Investigations are necessary and, if so, the form of investigation to be undertaken.
    • Refer the matter to SIT Corruption Prevention Committee.
    • Refer the matter to the EACC.
    • Refer the matter to the police.
    • Close the matter.
  4. Notify the whistleblower about the action taken within 30 days from the date the report was received.

To report any act of corruption and/or bribery, kindly follow this link;

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