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Keeping Safe from the Pandemic

The Institute will remain closed as from 20th March 2020 following the recent Presidential Directive on all Public and Private Institutions of learning to close in order to stem the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in Kenya. All stakeholders are advised to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during this trying period by observing the following measures;

  • Wash your hands. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water in order to kill potential viruses.
  • Stay away from coughing and sneezing persons. Stand at least three feet away from a person who is sick to avoid being sprayed with small liquid droplets from their bodies.
  • Avoid touching your face. The virus can enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth and make you sick.
  • Avoid Overcrowded places. This measure will help reduce your chances of contracting the dreadful disease since it is spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or infected persons.

Prospective trainees are advised to use online means to reach us for any inquiries; we have the institute email and our website We shall resume normal operations as soon as the President gives the clear sign.

God Bless you All

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