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About Us

Who we are.

Siaya Institute of Technology is a government Technical Training Institution under the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training. The college was established by the local community as early as 1987 to offer training in Agriculture, Business and Applied Technology. It is located along the Siaya – Ugunja Road, just after the Siaya County Referral Hospital and approximately 400 Kms from the Capital City, Nairobi.

Over the years, the institute has had to invest in infrastructural Development to meet the demands of an increased student population. Some of the recent developments include the the construction of more classrooms and workshops, the construction of an equipped ICT Laboratory and the acquisition of 62-Seater College Bus. We also have a state-of-the-art equipment for Building Technology and Science Laboratory Technology.

The institute also offers Schoolbased, evening and weekend programmes to learners who require flexible learning methods.

Self Development

Why Study Here?

Siaya Institute of Technology is a reputable national public institution offering Technical, Vocational, Engineering and Business courses in various fields to not only prepare our trainees for employment opportunities but to also instill an entrepreneurial approach to their chosen careers.

We do not only train students to look for jobs but also to be creative, self-reliant and proactive.

The Dean’s Office is also responsible for student welfare. We strive to ensure all students are accommodated, nurtured in a harmonious and conducive environment, for them to be all round graduates.


Self Development

To our potential students, we confidently assure prompt and efficient service. We encourage students and staff to interact as a family and receive support in order to achieve their core mandate (training excellence)

To the society, we appreciate cordial existence, peace and security offered by the community. We appreciate our stakeholders for their prayers and the role they play in building the institution. We assure the society that our graduates are citizens who will be responsible and problem solvers than problem makers.



Spiritual nourishment is part and parcel of holistic training in the institution.

We strive to strengthen peer counseling while emphasizing on relevant research activities and publications.

My advice to our students is be free to share (talk about) the challenges they are facing so that they are assisted early enough before their academic performance and general well-being is compromised.

Siaya Institute is unique because it is easily accessible, our students are disciplined and take their academic work seriously resulting in better performance.



The Siaya Institute of Technology Alumni Association (STIAA) was launched in February 2019 and brings together graduates of the University to participate in governance and development of their alma mater as they socialize and network.

To safeguard the best interests of its members, to use the talents and resources of the alumni and friends of the Institute to support in achieving international distinction in quality teaching, research and service.

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