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Mr. Daniel Omondi

Deputy Principal (Administration, Planning and Development)

Message from the Deputy Principal (Administration, Planning and Development)

As the Deputy Principal in charge of Administration, Planning and Development, my role is to assist the Principal in carrying out administrative tasks in line with the TVET Act to enable the institution have adequate training materials and personnel and also ensure discipline among students and staff.

The office is open to students, my fellow trainers and other co-administrators that allow both interpersonal relationships and consultative environment that has fostered teamwork and support.

My vision for my tenure is in line with the institution’s vision to ensure that there are adequate and qualified/trained workforce that fits well in the industry and those that can complete in the market, I envision Siaya Institute to be a market leader in the provision of such workforce to the job market.

To achieve our vision, we ensure that we have qualified trainers and provide adequate training materials. Even though the number of trainers posted by the government is not adequate the Board of Governors has been able to supplement the number provided by government has provided to us. Our students have access to the industry for industrial attachment to practice what they learnt in class and also gain any knowledge they may have not been able to learn practically in class.

Siaya Institute of Technology (SIT) is unique because of its location in a serene environment with very minimal noise, the Board of Governors (BoG) support has been tremendous and the management has provided the best infrastructure to enable ease in learning.

We are part of the community and do not exist in isolation, we are partners because the public provides us the students to  train , resources to run the institution add therefore have a crucial role in ensuring that educational and training roles and  therefore our relationship is that of partnership where we co-exist and benefit from each other.

As part of our CSR projects we plan to organize training to interest groups around us such as training business women on financial literacy. We also open up the public through our Open Days where we get feedback and suggestions on how we can collaborate.

Despite our core mandate being training, we have made arrangements with other partners to ensure that our students who do not find accommodation within the institution find secure accommodation within the vicinity of the institution.

I would like to reaffirm that SIT is a government accredited institution that has adequate facilities, and has the mandate to train students to become technologically relevant for the future. Hence, feel most welcome to SIT and let us partner so that we can develop the skills of our learners.

Finally, my appeal to the public especially parents is not to let the students stay at home due to perceived failure in exams because the institute has courses for all levels; Artisan courses for those students who may have dropped out of school at any level, certificate, Diploma and Higher National Diploma courses. Students who apply through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service through (KUCCPS) are able to get capitation and may also acquire Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loans that will enable them to learn without straining their resources. I therefore urge parents not to condemn any student deemed to have attained poor grades.

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