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Daniel Opany

Registrar Academics

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Message from the Registrar Academics

As the registrar in charge of academics I am charged with the responsibility of  enhancing publicity, providing student career guidance, processing admission of new trainees, maintenance of trainees’ records/files, supervision of training and assessment processes, certifying trainee transcripts, issuing trainees’ internal certificates, supervising student registration, including registration for exams, and I am the official custodian of result slips and certificates.

Siaya Institute of Technology is a Public TVET Institution with a variety of Training opportunities for middle level qualifications at the levels of Artisan, Craft Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma. The Training process is hands-on, ensuring the acquisition of relevant skills for the job market. As an ISO Certified institution, we ensure best practices in line with international standards. We operate in a serene learning environment, ideal for private study, group discussions and practical experiences. We have a highly motivated staff who respond to all enquiries within acceptable timelines.

My vision is to see Siaya Institute of Technology increase in enrolment with commensurate infrastructural development that would enable the Institute to be upgraded to a National polytechnic. So far we have achieved increased enrolment rates, an average of 75% pass rate in National exams, 100% completion rate, a balanced gender enrolment rate in Science, Engineering and Technology (S.E.T)  related courses.

To attain the set goals, we have employed various strategies that include but are not limited to; aggressive publicity using all available fora, including mainstream media, social media, outreach programmes and one-on-one contacts, effective supervision of training and assessment processes, liaising with other internal organs.

Siaya Institute of technology stands out among its peers through exemplary performance in National Exams, providing a conducive training environment, a vibrant student life and the willingness and readiness of staff and trainees to embrace positive changes.

I envision all trainees embracing a relationship that espouses mutual respect without compromising on the hierarchy of authority. This will ensure proper training, including training in soft skills that will enable them fit well in the society after their training.

To my colleagues, I propose a relationship in which every officer thrives on teamwork, recognizing that no one person can achieve anything alone. As a manager, I always endeavor to be available for consultation with all my colleagues, to listen to their perspectives with a view to crafting a workable solution for any challenge.

To the prospective and current stakeholders of SIT, choosing Siaya Institute of Technology for your training experience will give you the best opportunity to advance in your chosen career. You will also be able to take advantage of the various opportunities in co-curricular activities that make you an all-round professional.

I propose to members of the public, and especially the immediate community to engage with us on all issues of concern  to enable them to evaluate our processes and make informed decisions. Secondly, a lot our trainees have had to seek accommodation from outside. The public can capitalize on this by providing decent and affordable accommodation.

Thank you all.

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