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Penina Ogutu

Deputy Principal Academics & Students' Affairs

Department Role

  1. Advices students to appreciate discipline in and out of the college.
  2. Ensure continual improvement of the physical and social environment within the institute.
  3. Encourages research and innovations from students.
  4. Propel students to expose their talents positively.

Message from the Deputy Principal Academics & Students` Affairs

As the Deputy Principal Academics, I have the vital role of ensuring that the academic policy is implemented and service delivery to the clients is done in line with our  (International Organization for Standardization)ISO procedures.

At Siaya Institute of Technology (S.I.T), our priority is to produce competent personnel to steer the country toward achieving the big Four Agenda and realization of Vision 2030. We produce employees and employers with both hard and soft skills that make them adaptive and productive citizens.

My vision for the institution is seeing it become a market leader in production of a unique brand of labour force sought for the world over. This will be achieved through rigorous training, internships and mentorship programmes throughout the training period. We also provide them with the chance of expressing, improving and sharpening individual skills and talents in areas of games, sports and leadership.

The institution is situated in a serene environment conducive for learning and in the proximity of Siaya town; the county headquarters of Siaya County. It is well equipped with competent trainers who are well versed with the demands of education and industry.

As the person in charge of academics and student affairs, my office is open to students. My relationship with the students is quite interactive so together we work toward a common goal and vision.

The lecturers/trainers are my colleagues with whom we work to achieve a common purpose in molding the trainees. As part of the management, I am an ardent believer that alone I can only do a little but together we can make S.I.T a source of competencies that the labor market needs. The management at S.I.T of which I am a part and my fellow trainers with whom I train are goal oriented and being in an ISO certified institution, our mandate is well spelt. When we individually carry out our roles, we collectively make S.I.T the ultimate institution of choice.

To prospective students I say know who you are and who you want to become. Passionately fill the gap between the two and at S.I.T that is exactly what we do. Fill the Gaps.

To the parents help your sons and daughters make informed choices then support them to realize their potentials; To the students’ sponsors come on board as benefactors by providing the necessary platform that will provide the much-needed exposure that will complement the institute in identifying each trainee`s latent potential.

As a public institution, we hold the public near and yonder as very important stakeholders. We are embedded in the community with which we would like to relate in a very symbiotic manner. As an institution we would like to extend the knowledge we generate through research to the community as well as impart on them skills we develop so that the society changes for better.

The most popular questions we receive as a function from our key clients are the potential opportunities after training and we encourage them to use their skills together with start- up capital for and create jobs and not wait to be employees. Secondly, they seek career guidance on which courses to pursue; our belief is that the world is at its best needs a myriad of skills which collectively interact to effectively meet the basic and secondary needs of humanity.

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