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Business Studies

Eliud Osodo Okech

Business Studies Head of Department

List of courses on offer

  • Business Management at Certificate and Diploma levels
  • Supply Chain Management at Certificate and Diploma levels.
  • Human Resource Management at Certificate and Diploma levels
  • Marketing Management at Certificate and Diploma levels.
  • KASNEB courses.


  • Students with mean grade C- minus and above
  • Students with a passion for Mathematics and Physics
  • Intuitive, focused and hardworking students

Our Mandate

The core mandate of the Business Studies Department includes providing assistance to enable the institution fulfill its short, medium- and long-term objectives. As the Head of Department, I am responsible for identifying and initiating courses and programs relevant to the requirements of existing and potential learners.

Brief history of the department

Two decades ago, the department was one huge entity incorporating Business (the current Business department), Social and Liberal Arts department, Secretarial and Entrepreneurship departments. A split was done and Social department and Entrepreneurship was curved out of Business and hence Business department now remained Business and Secretarial Section as one entity. The department has professional and competent staffs able to serve trainees with the right values, skills and knowledge.

The department has ensured constant improvement of trainee’s grades in both formative and summative assessments. The number of students joining the institute for business related courses has dramatically increased. Good performance in internal and national exams has increased absorption of my graduates in the job market especially secretarial department. We wish to maintain and build strong partnerships with stakeholders such as the County Government of Siaya to make training much more relevant and also expand the scope and breadth of activities in the department.

Our doors are always open for all students seeking assistance and advice, the department will always endeavor to provide different alternatives towards various challenges facing trainees, to enable them develop a variety of problem-solving skills and deeper understanding of issues. Siaya Institute of technology came from a humble start, has undergone dramatic changes but has kept its academic standards very high. I call on all my colleagues to continue embracing the open door and level headed approach they have maintained so far. We are glad to be a part of this great team at SIT. To all trainees, the future is bright for the disciplined, resilient, and prayerful students.

All you have to do is believe that you can achieve great things, hold on to and work towards realizing that belief. I appreciate all parents/guardian and sponsors for their continued physical, moral and financial support to the trainees and the institution and I hope they will continue with the same spirit. My call to the public and the society is to provide more sponsorship opportunities for the youth who are financially disadvantaged to join our institution, and support them financially until they complete their studies while creating ties with various industries to enable learners acquire practical skills relevant to their desired careers.

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