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ICT Services

Simon Nyangajo

ICT Service department HOD

Our main goals

  • Ensure that SIT becomes the best ICT hub in Siaya County and beyond.
  • Ensure all SIT community members enjoy the best ICT services.
  • Establish an e-learning center for various academic programmes.

ICT Service department

In the modern world, ICT is embedded in the day-to-day operations of any organization, from simple document processing to complex artificial intelligence platforms, this discipline has revolutionized the way people interact with inanimate machines and software. Rapid changes in this field requires constant vigilance and adoption of new techniques in handling various tasks to ensure optimal organization efficiency.

Brief history of the department

The ICT Service department was established to offer ICT services to users who are in constant usage of ICT services and overall management of the ERP system. Currently the department has a head of department, System Administrator to handle the institute’s computer Systems and Network Administrator to manage the institute’s LAN.

As the department head, of ICT Services my objectives include ensuring the institution’s ICT services are well managed, providing advice to the management on ICT-related services, and overseeing the coordination of ICT support to end users within Siaya Institute of Technology and beyond.

Over the years the Institute has made great strides in incorporating ICT systems in its operations. The establishment of ICT infrastructure at Siaya Institute of Technology has greatly improved learning subsequently enabling trainees easy access to volumes of course materials using fast internet through the wireless LAN and cabled connectivity options, the establishment of ICT service department has contributed to the laptop training for primary school teachers within Siaya County which was conducted in July 2016 to, we have also strived to ensure that all offices have access to ICT services and support when needed.

Siaya Institute of Technology prides itself in exemplary performance in every National Examination all year round, this was made possible by the open-door approach and team work adopted by all SIT staff.

I would therefore like to encourage students to utilize the access to reliable LAN and wireless internet connectivity for purposes of learning and research for their personal development.