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Management Representative

Robert Mwagi

Head of Quality Management

Message from the Quality Management Representative

ISO is an acronym for International Organization of Standardization.  It brings the organization to the level of national and international recognition as far as service delivery is concerned. Siaya Institute’s journey towards attaining ISO certification has been long and promising which has culminated to Certification this year 2019. It is worth appreciating that ISO certification is a fundamental state that guarantee high controls in dealing with risks and commitment to meeting customer requirements to ensure delivery of competent graduates that meet national and international standards.

As the Management Representative, I have a role of ensuring conformance to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The Quality Management System (QMS) ensures that the institution meets its customer requirements and continually improve processes to ensure increased efficiency and improved service delivery. The top management has remained firmly unwavering to the system by providing the requisite resources.

There is a mutual relationship between the implementation of both the Quality Management System and the Strategic Plan. The Service Charter forms a link between the Quality Management System and the Strategic plan that reflects our commitment to our external and internal clients and stakeholders. The Charter communicates our commitment to provide consistent and professional services to our customers in line with our core values. Our corporate objectives enable us to demonstrate our capability and consistency in the provision of our services that meet customer needs and the statutory and regulatory requirements.

The application of ISO 9001:2015 standard is a milestone that reflects our true disposition as a team that strives to reach any pinnacle, we set our eyes on, and more outstandingly, surpass every expectation. The certification is a culmination of a comprehensive framework in line with the requirements of the standard which involved scheduled internal audits, Management Reviews and customer feedback among others.

As an institution, we feel it is time to work hard and remain focused to the course as we think and work in line with the standards.

Being ISO certified implies that our customers and prospects can have confidence that Siaya Institute of Technology is indeed committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

May God Bless SIT.

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