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Liberal Studies

Henry Ligawa

Liberal Studies HOD

Main Objectives

  • To provide competency-based education and training kills which are responsive to economic, social, cultural, political and industrial needs.
  • To engage in income generating activities to support financing training programmes.
  • To contribute to reduction of poverty in the neighboring communities.
  • To carry out applied research.

Message from the Liberal Studies Department

We welcome you in Liberal Studies department, Siaya Institute of Technology. The staff are conscious, dedicated women and men from all corners of the country. Each one brings an extraordinary talent and gifts collaborating within a whole systems environment designed to be more responsive, honocratic rather than hierarchical. We offer the best academic learning environment and facilitate an organic exciting experience for you. We are well equipped, flexible, heart-centred, multi-dimensional souls working together as a strong team to bring humanity fresh new vistas of consciousness and abilities that create personnel fit for service to the nation and the world. The staff are brain-trust women and men of great minds, mentors, researchers, inventors who’ve accomplished or have been in-charge of break through works in their respective fields. Students are lovely, hardworking and friendly to everyone. Feel most welcome. We look forward to receiving you. Good luck with love and gratitude grace.


The institute also offers school based, evening and weekend programmes to learners who require flexible learning methods.


Training Programs

  • Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  • Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  • Diploma in Counselling
  • Diploma in Community Health
  • Diploma in Child Protection
  • Diploma in Marriage Counselling
  • Diploma in Road Transport Management
  • HIV Testing Service (HTS) – NASCOP
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