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Hellen Okoth

Dean of Students

Message from the Dean of Students

Siaya Institute of Technology is a reputable national public institution offering Technical, Engineering and Business courses in various fields open to employment opportunities.

We do not only train students to look for jobs but also to be creative, self-reliant and proactive.

The Dean’s Office also responsible for student welfare, strive to ensure all students are accommodated, nurtured in a harmonious and conducive environment, for them to be all round graduates.

To achieve this, the office has:

  1. An organized and democratic student leadership to link the students with administration so that students’ concerns are promptly addressed.
  2. Established guidance and counseling office spread across the departments within the institution.
  3. Active games and sports / recreational department, for students to practice their physical and intellectual competence outside class, noting excellence in netball games, being the national champions in TVET category for the last 10 yrs.
  4. Programmed events that include students’ orientation, departmental assemblies, cultural events and prayer days for students, administration and all staff.

During trainee orientation and departmental assemblies, the vision, mission of the institution is relayed to student for each to understand his/her role in the achievement of our planned goals such as SIT strategic plan, Vision 2030 among other statutory expectations.

To our potential students, we confidently assure prompt and efficient service for each student and staff to interact as a family and receive support in order to achieve their core mandate (training excellence)

To the society we appreciate cordial existence, peace and security offered by the community. We appreciate our stakeholders for their prayer and the role they play in building the institution and assure the society that our graduates are citizens who will be responsible and problem solvers than problem makers.

The Dean’s Office visualize SIT as a national leading technical and vocational institution in terms of quality training and students discipline.

To achieve this, the office:

  1. Advices students to appreciate discipline in and out of the college.
  2. Ensure continual improvement of the physical and social environment within the institute.
  3. Encourages research and innovations from students.
  4. Propel students to expose their talents positively.

Thank you.

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