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Siaya Institute of Technology has implemented a student portal where all trainees can view their details, fee balances, trancscripts and reports as well as communicate with trainers and each other from the comfort of their various locations.

Staff can also access their details, send emails, apply for imprests, annual leave and much more from the Staff portal.


All continuing students are expected to create student accounts and use the accounts to view their fee balances, print fee statements and report for their next sessions before physically reporting  at the Institute.


All continuing students are required to report online FIRST, then download and PRINT their FEE STATEMENT, then DOWNLOAD and PRINT the REGISTRATION form which you will fill and present both fee statement and registration form to the Office of The Registrar, The Finance Office, the Office of The Dean of Students, and finally your HOD Office for verification and updating.

Any continuing student who does not comply with these simple instructions will be liable for disciplinary action.

New students are required to first report at the Institute before being given access to the Student Portal.

This portal is responsive and runs on various platforms including smart phones and any browser installed in desktops and laptops.

Download the Registration Form here;  Download

For Instructions for Students Portal Access view the Student Portal Manual Download

For Instructions for Staff Portal Access view the Staff Portal Manual Download

If you have any problems accessing the Portal, kindly channel them to the ICT Services Support Team via the Chat widget or through email to

Click here to access the SIT portal;