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SICOCUSA Youth Empowerment Summit


Youth Empowerment Forum

Siaya County Colleges and Universities Students Association organized a remarkable Career Symposium themed “An Exit Strategy from Tertiary Institutions into the Corporate World.” 

We were privileged to have esteemed dignitaries in attendance, including our esteemed chief guest, Mr. George Odhiambo, the CEO of National Bank of Kenya! 

The symposium was an enlightening and empowering event for all the ambitious students of Siaya County. It provided a platform for our talented youths to gain valuable insights into making a successful transition from their academic journey into the corporate world. 

Throughout the day, we had engaging panel discussions, informative workshops, and inspiring keynote speeches. Industry experts shared their expertise and experience, shedding light on various career paths, industry trends, and necessary skills for success. 

The presence of Mr. George Odhiambo added immense value to the symposium. His remarkable speech, filled with invaluable advice and practical tips, left us motivated and inspired to pursue our dreams with dedication and passion. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Siaya County Colleges and Universities Students Association for organizing this exceptional event and providing us with a platform to learn, connect, and grow. We are immensely grateful to Mr. George Odhiambo for gracing the occasion and sharing his wisdom with us. 

Let’s remember that our journey doesn’t end with graduation, but rather, it marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. Armed with the knowledge and inspiration gained at this symposium, we are ready to step into the corporate world and make our mark! 

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